Buy Ugg Mens Classic Short Boots-Cheap UGGs

There Ugg Mens Classic Short Boots are so warm and cosy and you never want to take them off !! Absolutely fantastic. Have to prise ugg mens classic short off my husband's feet. Arrived in doublequick time and would highly recommend them and the seller to everybody.My husby likes comfort. So UGG is his choice for cold winter days. This mens classic short ugg are comfy and warm. He liked them much .I deliberated long and hard over these boots. Could they really be authentic Ugg's for that low low price?Yes, they were. What a bargain. I've worn them all winter and been warm and dry even on the beach. I do waterproof spray them regularly.Original ugg boots short for men for £88!!! I still cant believe it. Thank you very much.

The Foundation Of Our Collection, These mens ugg short Are The Original, Authentic Boots For Ultimate Comfort

Das Original aus Australien!

Obermaterial: hellbraunes doppelseitiges Lammfell und Logo an der Ferse
Innenmaterial: 100% Lammfell
Innensohle: schweiabsorbierende Lammfellinnensohle
Auensohle: Leicht profilierte und rutschfeste Gummi- EVA-Sohle
Stiefelhhe ca.: 22 cm
Schaftumfang: ca. 38 cm
Sohlenhhe: ca. 3 cm

Ugg Mens Classic Short Boots-Cheap UGGs

Wallaby by Emu is a fabulous on trend update to the classic lo Emu boot. Look chic with these adorable boots! The Wallaby Lo boots ugg boots for men feature Emu's fabulously luxurious sheepskin lining, which is specially designed to wick away moisture form your feet, leaving them dry, fresh and odour-free. These gorgeous chocolate boots are finished with the premium embossed Emu branding in vintage leather and suede attached onto the heel guard.

These arrived quickly via Royal Mail. I bought these sheepskin mens ugg boots for my 9 yr old to wear as slippers. He loves them and of course they keep his feet cosy in our cold flat. The boots are well made and a nice sleek shape. I wish I had a pair!

Great service, came a lot earlier than I expected. I wear them all the time, would recommend them to anyone for winter!

My daughter loves her new boots, disappointed the tape round the top of the boot frayed, had to trim off and add a blob of clear nail varnish, appears to be holding.

I have already purchased a pair of these boots in chestnut. My daughter loved them so much, I decided to buy the brown ones too. I think these boots are far nicer than the original UGG, and at a much better price!

We bought these when they came on sale as we can not justify the full retail price for a 2 year old. However they are superb quality sheepskin boots and good value at the price we paid.

I'm writing this review after EMUs are fully tested during last Autumn/Winter and this Spring. The original idea of this type of boots is really great. It's so convenient to put them on/take off. Sometimes girls wore them even without socks during short trips in the car and feet was really warm all the time, I can confirm this. They look cute and stylish on legs.I can't compare with men uggs in terms of how long they would serve, but I can tell about EMU's that they are not proper everyday boots. Yes, sure, we cannot wear them in mud and rain, but even when worn during normal weather conditions they wear out quite quickly. Stitches around the toes is the weak point for this type of boots. I have seen loads of EMUs and UGGs with holes and ripped stitches. In my opinion manufacturers should look into this defect more seriously and find kind of innovation because it is not acceptable for this level of price. My 2,5 year old got a hole after 1 month. 4,5 year old's boots look better but stitches are faded and worn out. I bought chocolate brown ones and if I needed to buy again, I would by lighter colour- chestnut or mushroom. It is really hard to look after dark EMUs and keep them good looking. Any wet leaves stains, dust and dry dirt is very visible. Colour is faded in places where boots are folded due to movement of legs. 5 stars for comfort and warmth, 2 stars off due to quite poor functionality.Definitely not worth full price.